Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Operation Underground Railroad

Today I am posting in support of Operation Underground Railroad. This is hosted by a fewAuthors. One of which is my Author Friend Kimberly Krey! They have given my permission to spread the word! I am excited to help them out and also equally excited that it is introducing me to even more awesome Authors!!!!
So here is the scoop.......Buy a book, free a child! Operation Underground Railroad is an award winning nonprofit organization that works to free children as young as 2yrs. sold into sexual slavery. Learn more and donate directly to O.U.R. at ourrescue.org. 
Here are some links to the Participating books:

You can also check out more info on this on facebook here:

Or Author Christene Houston's official website here:

Please help support this cause and have a great time reading while you do it!

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