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Swept Away (Squeaky Clean Mysteries 11.5) by: Chrsity Barritt

Finding the perfect place for a honeymoon, away from any potential danger or mystery, is challenging. But Gabby’s longtime love and newly minted husband, Riley Thomas, has done it. He has found a location with a nonexistent crime rate, a mostly retired population, and plenty of opportunities for relaxation in the warm sun.

Within minutes of the newlyweds’ arrival, a convoy of vehicles descends on a nearby house, and their honeymoon oasis is destroyed like a sandcastle in a storm. Despite Gabby’s and Riley’s determination to keep to themselves, trouble comes knocking at their door—literally—when a neighbor is abducted from the beach directly outside their rental.

Will Gabby and Riley be swept away with each other during their honeymoon . . . or will a tide of danger and mayhem pull them under?


 I LOVE the squeaky clean series and Swept Away was surprise addition I didn't know was coming! It was an awesome surprise. True Squeaky fans have been waiting to see a happy ending between Gabby and Riley. This is everything you have been waiting for. Where their relationship really comes together as one and they are in love and working together. This is a fast paced mystery they work together to solve it. Another excellent book for this series they just keep getting better! Great job Christy!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Jessie Belle: The Women of Merryton - Book One by: Jennifer Peel

Nestled in the picturesque Rocky Mountains, lies the quaint town of Merryton, Colorado. You will never find finer people or better friends. But try keeping a secret in Merryton and you will soon find that the good townspeople are better than any private investigator or undercover journalist. The men and women of Merryton are like living barometers, and when a storm is brewing in the life of one of their own, they are sure to get to the bottom of it--and forecast it on the Merryton grapevine.

Jessica and Blake Summers know a thing or two about what it’s like to be the latest and greatest news on the vine. Their thirteen year marriage has had more than its fair share of heartache and loss. Then the past comes knocking, in the form of a teenage girl, a daughter Blake never knew existed. The news sets the Merryton grapevine on fire.

In the wake of this revelation and firestorm, Blake and Jessica are forced to reevaluate their own relationship and priorities, all while learning that raising a teenage girl is not for the faint of heart. But in the midst of the chaos and uncertainty, they discover that Madeline may just be what the doctor ordered to heal their broken hearts and mend their own tattered relationship.

Will they have the courage to look forward and find a greater love than they could ever imagine? Or will past hurts and the town grapevine tear them apart?

Since I started book reviewing as a hobby I have seen and heard a lot about many different Authors. I am always hesitant to try a new Author because I try to keep everything I read clean and you never really know what you are going to get until you dive in. I had heard that Jessie Belle was an awesome book and I have a HUGE stack of books to be read right now.....but since the second book just came out and people are raving about them both I bumped it to the top. Let me tell you everything I have heard was true. This book was awesome I loved it! Jessie and Blake have been married for 13 years and let's just say things are becoming very rocky for them. I can relate year 13 was a bad one for me too but we pushed through and are on 16.5 now! This book will have you feeling happy and frustrated and sometimes I even wanted to throw my kindle but I read it in less than 24 hours and I fell in love with Jessie and Blake and wanted so badly for them to have a happy ending. I am so glad I gave Jennifer a try. I actually have a bunch of her books in my stack already from recommendations from others so I am super excited to read more! It's always a great day when you can add an Author to your list and Jennifer is a good one. Her books are full of emotion and truth and passion (in a good way it was a clean one!) and I will be reading more! Thank you Jennifer! From your newest fan!

A Midwinter Ball (Timeless Regency Collection Book 2) by: Heidi Ashworth, Annette Lyon, and Michelle Paige Holmes

**Amazon Top 100 in Victorian Romance**

From the publisher of the #1 Amazon bestselling A Timeless Romance Anthology series in Clean Romance.

Join three bestselling regency romance authors, Heidi Ashworth, Annette Lyon, and Michele Paige Holmes, for three new regency romance novellas in A MIDWINTER BALL.

MUCH ADO ABOUT DANCING by Heidi Ashworth. Two years have passed since Lord Northrup declared his intentions for Miss Analisa Lloyd-Jones and forbade any other man to court her. Angry at the neglect, Analisa stopped reading his letters, never even breaking the seals. Tired of waiting, Analisa joins the house party at Mrs. Smith’s famous country home, determined to find a beau. When Lord Northrup unexpectedly joins the party, Analisa discovers she is no longer repulsed by the man who first laid claim to her hand.

SWEETER THAN ANY DREAM by Annette Lyon. Olivia Wallington is firmly established as a spinster, but that doesn’t stop her from dreaming about the perfect man. Ever since her father’s death, Olivia has been forced into seclusion by her mother. When her brother and his wife come for a visit, they discover the extent to which she lives under their mother’s thumb. With their help, Olivia sneaks out to attend a local ball, where she meets Edward Blakemoore. For a few divine moments, all of her dreams seem possible. But even someone like Mr. Blakemoore would be hard pressed to get past Mrs. Wallington’s fortress of protection—or past Olivia’s pride.

AN INVITATION TO DANCE by Michele Paige Holmes. Lady Ella has been isolated on her father’s estate since her mother’s death as her father travels the world. When Alex Darling arrives with a letter from her long-dead fiancé, and a demand that she travel to London for a series of engagements, Ella thinks her father instigated the strange demands and agrees. In London, she discovers the truth behind her fiancé’s death, and that new love might be possible in the arms of the most unexpected man.

Other Timeless Regency Collections:
Autumn Masquerade (on sale now)
Spring in Hyde Park (Coming March 2016)
Summer House Party (Coming June 2016)
A Country Christmas (Coming October 2016)

Much Ado About Dancing by Heidi Ashworth
I loved this story. I can't image how hard it would be to have your parents pick out a betrothed for you. To grow up knowing you are to marry that person and for them to stop others from showing any interest in you because of their claim is just crazy. It was fun to see Analisa grow and mature through the book and to see past her reservations! What a great story!

Sweeter Than Any Dream by: Annette Lyon
This was such a fun read. Olivia doomed to be a spinster for life and controlled by her Mother and Aunt.....I was happy to see that she learned she needed to stand up for herself and that she needed her own voice. I have always been very outspoken so it is something I believe in full-heartedly. It was so great to see Olivia and Edward both get a happily ever after neither expected to happen! Great job Annette! 

An Invitation to Dance by:Michele Paige Holmes
Every great relationship is built on a beautiful friendship and that is exactly what Ella and Alex were able to form. Neither ever seeing anything less than the best of each other. What an awesome romance! This was  a great ending to this trio of stories! I enjoyed them all! 

Note: I was given an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Love Under Construction by: Danyelle Ferguson

Charlee was angry . . .

What do you do when your boss makes someone else the lead on a big renovation project that

should rightfully be yours? You quit. On second thought, that might not be the best idea, but Charlee

Jackson has never been one for second thoughts. Instead, she lands a big contract of her own. She’s

jumping into her new life—work boots, tool belt and all. Now she just needs to form a company and

hire contractors and buy supplies and get an office . . . and not fall in love with her former boss's son.

Yeah. Definitely not that last one.

Peter was torn . . .

You can’t date someone who works for you, but now that his dad let Charlee walk out the door, Peter

Elliot is considering his options. Charlee was their top renovation expert, his best friend’s sister, and

the only thing that made the drudgery of running a large construction business bearable. But how do

you date a competitor, especially one your father is trying to drive out of business? It would be stupid

to make your dad angry right before he retires and hands the company over to you. Right?

When Charlee and Peter are scheduled to work on the same Indulgence Row house, their feelings

and priorities are put to the test. They need to make a choice, and they better be quick about it,

because the whole mixture is curing fast and threatening to crumble to pieces.

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About the Author

Danyelle Ferguson discovered her love for the written word in elementary school. Her first article was

published when she was in 6th grade. Since then, she’s won several awards and her work has been

published world-wide in newspapers, magazines and books.

Danyelle grew up surrounded by Pennsylvania’s beautiful Allegheny Mountains. Then she lived for

ten years among the majestic Wasatch Mountains. She is currently experiencing mountain-withdrawal

while living in Kansas with her husband and family. She enjoys reading, writing, dancing and singing

the kitchen, and the occasional long bubble bath to relax from the everyday stress of being “Mommy.”




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I loved this book so much! It was snowing the day I read it and I just wanted to stay under a warm blanket and read all day. I couldn't put it down. I am falling in love with the people on indulgence row. It made me want to go back and read the first one again because it has been so long. I loved Charlee's story and how she struggles to feel like she fits in with other women when she is a tomboy. I love how patient and loving Peter is with her and how perfect they are for each other. I love that it wasn't all fairy tale and that there were obstacles they had to over come to get to their happily ever! I am super excited about a book 3 and Mari's story. Great job Danyelle!

Note: I was given an ARC copy of this book by the Author in exchange for an honest review!

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Rattled (The Sierra Files Book 3) by: Christy Barritt

“What do you mean a thirteen-foot lavender albino ball python is missing?”

Tough-as-nails Sierra Nakamura Davis isn’t one to get flustered. But trying to balance being a wife and a new mom with her crusade to help animals is proving harder than she imagined. Add a missing python, a high-maintenance intern, and a dead body to the mix, and Sierra becomes the definition of rattled.

Can she balance it all—and solve a possible murder—without losing her mind? Or will this juggling act be the death of her?

The Sierra Files:
Caged (coming soon)


This was such a great book. It was fun to see a different side of Sierra. I think parenthood changes us all and it was nice to see that her priorities are changing to her son vs. animal rights. I am excited to see where Christy will take this in the future. This book had a great Gabby like vibe but fit perfectly with Sierra. I love that Christy does so well at adapting the cases to the main character of the series you are reading. Another great one! Can't wait for more! 

Note: I was given a copy of this book by the Author in exchange for an honest review!

Shadows in the Curtain (Destination Billionaire Romance) by: Cami Checketts (Author), Jennifer Youngblood (Foreword), Lucy McConnell (Introduction)

Shadows in the Curtain (Destination Billionaire Romance) by: Cami Checketts (Author),
Jennifer Youngblood (Foreword), Lucy McConnell (Introduction)

Enjoy this sweet romance from Bestselling Author Cami Checketts.

Every stage actress wants fans, but what happens when one goes too far?
Emmy has the perfect life— a house on the beach, a successful career headlining the local theater, and love. But when a brutal murder brings unimaginable grief, Emmy’s world comes crashing down. As she tries to pick up the pieces, she can’t seem to avoid Josh, the new fireman in town.
Emmy does her best to fight the sizzle in her chest when Josh is near. But with the stalker still out there, terrorizing her and those she cares about, she can’t fall for anyone—especially Josh, a suspect in the murder investigation.

If Emmy allows a man to get close, it’s not just her heart she puts at risk, it’s her life.

This book also includes excerpts from The Reclusive Billionaire by Bestselling Author Lucy McConnell, and Almost Everything by ABOUT THE BOOK:

This is a great book! It is full of suspense and I couldn’t put it down. I read it in just a few hours and stayed up way too late because I didn’t want to go to bed without finishing it. Cami does it again! I loved the twist at the end. I was thinking the book was a little predictable but then she added the twist and it was a nice surprise! I am also partial to Fireman since I’m married to one so it quickly became one of my new favorites! As always Cami writes a clean, feel good romance filled with suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Totally worth the read!!

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The Protective Groom by: Lucy McConnell

Noah Baker is about to meet the toughest woman in Texas—right before he marries her.
Harley Wilson, of the Texas Wilsons, is being stalked by an unscrupulous creeper who is intent on doing her harm. In order to protect herself, Harley asks Pamela Jones to find her a groom. She needs someone who can hold his own in a firefight and happily sign annulment papers when this nightmare is over.
Noah Baker thinks he’s hit the jackpot as a Billionaire Marriage Brokers’ groom. The position is the perfect opportunity to move forward and put the past behind him once and for all. However, Noah must dig into his training as a police officer and doing so brings up demons he buried two years ago when he left the force.
Time runs short for Noah as his list of suspects grows to include an almost fiancé, a twisted cousin, and Harley’s step-brother. With Harley’s father breathing down his neck, Noah finds himself falling for Harley in a way that makes this assignment as personal as—well, marriage.

I knew when I was ready to start this book I needed to set everything aside for a binge read. I love these books so much I can never put them down. Luckily, my house was already pretty clean before I started lol. I LOVED Noah and Harley's story. We had already fallen in love with Noah from The Country Bride book and it was so great to see him get his own story. Noah didn't leave a very good first impression but his charm changed that quickly. I love the fun and lightheartedness these clean romance books offer. They are one of my favorite series for sure! All her bookS are a must buy for me! Great job as always Lucy!

Golden Sunrise by: Annette Lyon

From the Amazon #1 Bestselling series in *New Release* for Clean Romance - A Timeless Romance Anthology: Summer Collection

*Crown Heart* awarded book—IND’TALE MAGAZINE

“What heart-fluttering romantic doesn’t love a good wedding story? . . . Every romance evolves delicately but deeply and will likely leave readers smiling.” —DESERET NEWS, Melissa DeMoux

5 Stars! “Each story tugs at the heart strings, and readers will root for the leading ladies to fall in love in the most unexpected ways.” — IND’TALE MAGAZINE, Victoria Z. Burg

5 Stars! “This collection dishes up a healthy dose of love and hope. Perfection!” —Karen Adair

5 Stars! “These stories were very entertaining and fun to read. All of these authors are incredible at writing.” —Chrisy Braby

Natalie takes time out of her crazy schedule to fly to Vegas for her best friend’s wedding. Sierra and Jason, high-school sweethearts, are finally getting married. Fortunately for Natalie, her old high-school flame, Adam, has a work commitment and can’t be there as best man. But when she arrives at the wedding rehearsal—late and ragged—Adam is there. When Adam makes a wild suggestion, Natalie just may take him up on it, even though she knows he’s moved on. A single choice may mean Natalie is taking a shot at reclaiming the past—or that she's putting her heart in harm’s way a second time.

I loved this novella! It was first included in the Timeless Romance Summer Wedding Collection which is one of my favorites! All of those novellas were so good! Adam and Natalie were high school sweethearts and they broke up thinking they needed to start their adult lives free from a relationship. True love conquers all in this book when several years later they are brought back together for a wedding and both realize they still have feelings for each other. Try this one you'll love it and then try the original set because it is totally worth the read! Loved it Annette great job!

Note: I was given and ARC copy of this book by the Author in exchange for an honest review!

Love is Come (Power of the Matchmaker) by Heather B. Moore

**Amazon Top 50 in Victorian Romance**
“I have to remind myself to breathe—almost to remind my heart to beat.” —Wuthering Heights
From the Power of the Matchmaker series: LOVE IS COME

Nelle Thompson lives a life of privilege during the turn of the century New York City. When her parents are killed in a terrible accident, she’s forced to live with her aunt’s family in a small town in Connecticut, and treated as a poor relation with no financial independence. Broken hearted and riddled with insomnia, Nelle’s health begins a downward spiral. When a locked part of her heart blossoms around her cousin’s fiancé Mathew Janson, Nelle doesn’t know if she can endure one more heartbreak. Miss Pearl, owner of the local apothecary shop, becomes a mother figure to Nelle, but a fateful summer day has Nelle questioning everything she's ever believed and wondering if she’ll ever love again.

I love the Power of the Matchmaker series. Nelle faces unspeakable tragedy. When she goes to live with her Aunt, love is the last thing on her mind. I love the instant bond that Nelle and Mathew have. Everything isn't always a fairy tale. Life has challenges and sometime things stand in the way of what we want. I love Pearls presence in this book and how she is able to help them both find their way to each other. I can't wait for more in this series! Great job Heather as always!

Note: I was given an ARC copy of this book by the Author in Exchange for an honest review!