Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Feisty One by: Cami Checketts

The Feisty One: A Billionaire Bride Pact Romance 

by: Cami Checketts Jeanette Lewis Lucy McConnell (Introduction)

Can he hide his heart or will the reporter take everything?
Maryn Howe isn't intimidated by billionaire recluse, Tucker Shaffer, or his enormous log cabin in Island Park, Idaho. Maryn needs this interview and she'll get it at any cost, even if the last four reporters were physically removed from his presence.
Tucker Shaffer has no desire to change his less than flattering public image; but his PR people persuade him to give it one more try. Ready to make nice with whoever comes through the door, Tucker is blindsided by a petite blond with an extra-large personality. As the snow piles up and the questions keep coming, Maryn discovers the secret Tucker Shaffer has spent the last four years torturing himself with. She suddenly sees him in a new light and she flees--right into danger and into Tucker's arms.
But the danger has just begun and now Maryn has to make a choice--trust in Tucker or lose it all.
Bonus chapter from The Passionate One: A Billionaire Bride Pact Romance by bestselling author, Jeanette Lewis.  

I loved this book! Maryn reminds me of myself. I am very outspoken and like to take charge! I power through stuff even when it's hard. Tuck and Maryn's story was so shocking at first but then sweet at the same time. I fall in love with all of the characters in Cami's books! I CAN NOT WAIT to read more in this series. Another of my favorite parts had to be seeing my name in a book even though she probably wasn't really named after me. ;) Great job Cami as always!  


  1. Thank you, Julia! I'm so glad you loved it.
    Many hugs,

  2. I absolutely LOVED this book as well! This series is SO much fun and a definite auto-buy! I don't even read the synopsis anymore! ;) Hehe.