Thursday, December 10, 2015

More than the Tattooed Mormon by: Al Carraway

Al Fox Carraway has spent the last four years inspiring the world with her story of conversion, redemption, and finding faith. As a blogger, social media personality, and award-winning public speaker, her message has reached millions. This moving biography and up-close account of her life and membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (sometimes called the "LDS" or "Mormon" church) will show you what it means to truly trust in the Lord.

"Don't go, Al. You won't fit in."

Being baptized and following the Lord has made Al's life harder than it ever was before. She endured criticism from friends and family for becoming a Mormon. She faced harsh judgments from Church members for her appearance. She gave up everything and felt more alone than she ever had in her life. All because she chose God.

Now she shares an up-close look at how trusting God has led her to places she never expected. As a blogger, YouTuber, and award-winning public speaker, her message has reached millions. Sharing her love of the Savior, Al goes beyond her own conversion and encourages readers to choose God above anything else. This uplifting book inspires readers to build a true relationship with the Lord that will bring them real, lasting happiness.

Endorsements for More than the Tattooed Mormon

"Al Fox Carraway is a wonderfully fresh combination of energy, humor, and testimony. At first, you might think this book is all about Al. But the more you read, the more you will find personal motivation to keep going, to keep trying, and to stay close to the Lord through all of life's challenges."
--John Bytheway, author of How Do I Know If I Know?

"Al shares her story with frankness and passion. She fills each chapter with memorable insights and true wisdom. But this book isn't really about Al. It is about God and you! It is about the transformation that is possible for all of us through the Atonement of Jesus Christ."
--Brad Wilcox, professor at Brigham Young University, author of The Continuous Atonement and The Continuous Conversion

"Al takes you on one of the most faith-building journeys you'll ever experience. Al is real. Al is authentic. . . . Al's story will bring you closer to Christ."
--Hank Smith, PhD, bestselling LDS author and speaker, BYU religion instructor


This. Book. Is. Amazing!!!! I am a huge reader. I have read 80 books this year alone! This is the first time I have filled a book with highlights. There was so much that Al said that I wanted to remember. I have been a member of the LDS church my whole life but that doesn’t mean this book still didn’t apply to me. To read about the strength and faith she has had since being baptized is inspiring. So many of us get to points in our lives where we take advantage of the way we have been raised. I can’t say I am one of those people because my Husband is a convert and is currently inactive so I definably view both sides of the fence. He is actually the one that wanted to read this book. I really hope he does because he will see that there are other people out there that think the way he does. This book helped strengthen and lift me up and made me want to be a better example to my husband and my children and everyone around me. It also reiterates how crucial it is that we aren’t judgmental about the people we see daily and especially at church. You don’t know what their story is or how they got to where they are. They could be so AMAZING like Al and just judged because you are scared of the unknown. When we first moved to Utah my husband couldn’t find a job anywhere. At the time he had shaved his head bald because we weren’t used to the hot summers. He has tattoos but they aren’t very visible being on his upper arms. My brother said to my husband, “I know you don’t want to hear this but if you want a job you are going to have to grow hair again.” As soon as he let it grow out he found a job right away. It shouldn’t matter how we look. My husband still has a testimony but he has just allowed himself to be influenced by the world and by being judged at church, that he chooses not to have the gospel in his life right now, and it is so hard to see him missing that light and that happiness that Al talks about and that I feel daily. I highly recommend this book to everyone Member or Not. She really tells you like it is and helps you to see all sides of everything. It is such a great book I will be reading it again over and over. Thanks so much for putting yourself out there and sharing your story with the world Al. This is truly the mission Heavenly Father had for you!

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