About Me

I LOVE TO READ! Always have, for as long as I can remember. I have 4 children so my life stays pretty busy. A few years ago, as the kids started to get older, I decided I needed to take time for myself and read again. That's when it all began. I read everything I could get my hands on and discovered a lot of new Authors. I recently volunteered to review for some of them and it has kind of expanded from there! I figured I will just post a review for anything I read weather I was asked to or not (and hope that the Authors don't mind). I hope this helps people discover some new Authors and read some really great books!
Let me point out, I am not being paid for reviewing I just volunteered to do it on my own. These are all my own opinions alone. I am also not an English major so I am sure I will have punctuation and grammar errors in my posts. It is just something I wanted to do for these Awesome Authors. They seem like great people and I like to consider them my friends, even though I don't know any of them personally.

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