Monday, December 7, 2015

Bride by Request: Historical Western Christian Romance (Brides by Mail Book 2) by Amanda Tru & Cami Wesley

When following God’s Will may keep her from following her heart…

Charlotte Mason believes that it’s God’s will for her to be a mail order bride. But while on her way to meet her groom, her bags and tickets are accidentally switched with wealthy heiress, Adelaide Delaney. With the plans for her life hijacked, Charlotte finds herself forced to play the part of a railroad tycoon’s fiancé.

Unfortunately, the role is a tall order for a simple girl from Georgia. Plagued by hilarious mishaps, Charlotte must unravel the mystery of God’s will and find where she belongs.

In the end, Charlotte must choose whether to follow her heart or her mission to be a mail order bride.

"Bride by Request" is Book 2 in the "Brides by Mail" series.

I really liked this book. It wasn't as witty as the first one but I think that was just because the characters weren't meant to be witty. It did fill in all the gaps the first one lacked in and it was great to get Charlotte's story. I think that way the way they intended them to go. That you need to read both to feel the complete story. This is a fun series of books so far! I think number 3 is going to be very interesting I can't wait! All in all great job ladies once again!

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