Friday, February 26, 2016

Mountain Hideaway by: Christy Barritt


After being caught collecting evidence on her ex-boyfriend's criminal dealings, Tessa Jones has no choice but to go into hiding. She feels safe in her mountain refuge, right up until private investigator Trent McCabe comes knocking—and bullets start flying their way. Now for the second time, Tessa is on the run. And Trent's mission has shifted from tracking down a missing person to keeping the brave beauty alive. Trent once lost a woman in his care, and he won't make the same mistake again. But Tessa trusts no one—not even Trent. Out in the wilderness with danger closing in, Tessa must make a choice: rely on the handsome stranger…or take her chances with a killer.

This book was awesome! I loved it. I know, I say that about every book... But seriously Tessa is the woman all of us ladies hope we can be. I don't think I would be strong and smart and brave In a life and death situation but I really hope I am. I had to have surgery and I turned into this big scared baby lol. This book is action packed! There are so many close calls and tense moments that I didn't want to put the book down. Then you throw in Trent and it makes things even better! People always say bonds are tighter when you go thru things together and that is defiantly the case with Tessa and Trent! This is one book you don't want to miss! Great job Christy!

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