Monday, May 2, 2016

The Rebeillious One by: Jeanette Lewis

Holly Clarke has lived a life of comfort and privilege growing up on Le Ciel, her family's luxury resort. But extreme wealth often comes with strings attached and in Holly's case, it means a loveless marriage to Brit Anderson, the son of her father's partner. With her wedding day looming ever closer, Holly's rebellious streak finally wakes up and she realizes she must find a way out of the engagement, especially when she meets mysterious and sexy Jordan Fischler. But Jordan has a secret, and loving him could mean the end of everything Holly knows.

I loved this book. This series is so awesome! Holly is all about family and keeping her parents happy but an arraigned marriage just loses its appeal as she gets older, that is if it ever had any...I love that Holly realizes that she needs to take control of her life and change things for the better. I've always been kind of rebellious so it was easy for me to cheer her on! Another great addition to this series. I love that there are going to be 12 of these books because I have had a blast reading every single one so far! Great job Jeanette! 

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  1. Thank you so much Julia! I'm glad you enjoyed the book; we are having a ton of fun writing them.