Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Country Bride: Billionaire Marriage Brokers Book 4 by: Lucy McConnell

The Country Bride: Billionaire Marriage Brokers Book 4 by: Lucy McConnell

Paige Baker is bound and determined to start her own horse training business. While at an auction where she plans to purchase the horse of her dreams, she meets Pamela Jone, a matchmaker for the ultra wealthy, and is suddenly on a whole new path in life. Caught up in a whirlwind of wedding plans, Paige wonders what she can bring to the marriage and if her background as a camp counselor and a rodeo star has really prepared her for marriage to the handsome and aloof Mr. Walker.
Cody Walker has already married and mourned the love of his life—or so he thinks. Left with a daughter, Cody dedicated his life to caring for her but he’s having trouble doing it on his own. A friend hands Cody a BMB business card and before Cody can blink, he’s married to the vibrant Paige Baker. She’s everything he needs and so much more. Can he stay true to his first wife’s memory and care for Paige or will he allow this angel to slip through his fingers and lose the only mother his daughter, Addison, has ever known?

Early on, Pamela Jones realized she had an unusual talent for putting two people together. Over the years, she's turned it into a successful matchmaking service for the ultra wealthy: Billionaire Marriage Brokers. While she specializes in "business" marriages -- paring people off because of their skills, education, or training -- she can spot a potential love match a mile away. When Pamela has a "good feeling" about a bride and groom - a business marriage can become so much more.

The best thing ever is when you pick up a book and can't put it down until you're done! Like all the others in this set, it was one of those! I loved it! It is one of my favorite because it included a loving Father looking out for his daughter! My hubs had a daughter when we met and I have never thought about her as anything other than my own even though her Mother is still in the picture. I love the way this story came together and their instant attraction to one another and their mutual concern for Addison. Love this whole series!!! I am so excited that there are 2 more books coming out soon! I can't wait! If you haven't tried one yet you should! 

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