Friday, April 8, 2016

The Protective Groom by: Lucy McConnell

Noah Baker is about to meet the toughest woman in Texas—right before he marries her.
Harley Wilson, of the Texas Wilsons, is being stalked by an unscrupulous creeper who is intent on doing her harm. In order to protect herself, Harley asks Pamela Jones to find her a groom. She needs someone who can hold his own in a firefight and happily sign annulment papers when this nightmare is over.
Noah Baker thinks he’s hit the jackpot as a Billionaire Marriage Brokers’ groom. The position is the perfect opportunity to move forward and put the past behind him once and for all. However, Noah must dig into his training as a police officer and doing so brings up demons he buried two years ago when he left the force.
Time runs short for Noah as his list of suspects grows to include an almost fiancé, a twisted cousin, and Harley’s step-brother. With Harley’s father breathing down his neck, Noah finds himself falling for Harley in a way that makes this assignment as personal as—well, marriage.

I knew when I was ready to start this book I needed to set everything aside for a binge read. I love these books so much I can never put them down. Luckily, my house was already pretty clean before I started lol. I LOVED Noah and Harley's story. We had already fallen in love with Noah from The Country Bride book and it was so great to see him get his own story. Noah didn't leave a very good first impression but his charm changed that quickly. I love the fun and lightheartedness these clean romance books offer. They are one of my favorite series for sure! All her bookS are a must buy for me! Great job as always Lucy!


  1. I absolutely adored The Protective Groom and devoured it as well! This series is seriously SO much fun! I auto-buy all the books in the series without even reading the synopsis anymore... I like to live dangerously... ;) Hehe. You can never go wrong with the books in this series!

    Have you picked up her newest book, The Reclusive Billionaire? I started it today! Hoping to finish it tomorrow! :)

    1. Yes I do have the new one! I really want to start it but I have others on my list to read first. When I am a reviewer I feel obligated to get a book done quickly most of the time and that means ones I wasn't asked to review have to get put on the back burner sometimes, like for that one, it is hard cause I really want to ready it!