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Curl up with a Cowboy BY AUTHORS: Lindzee Armstrong, Liz Isaacson, Kimberly Krey, Cindi Madsen, Cassie Mae, Kelli Ann Morgan, Jolene Betty Perry

A boxed set of modern cowboy romance novellas from USA Today and Amazon bestselling contemporary romance authors.

Lights, Cowboy, Action by Cindi Madsen: Kaia Bardot is determined to move out from under her famous father’s shadow and prove she deserves her own director title, but when her lead actor needs cowboy lessons, she hires the cowboy who owns the ranch to help. Grady Langston wants nothing to do with the movie, but despite being opposites, there’s definitely a spark between him and Kaia. But how do a Hollywood director and small town cowboy manage a real life happy ending?

Southern Kicks by Cassie Mae: Daisha’s determined to be the good country wife after a sudden passing of her father-in-law leaves her with a ranch to manage with her husband. Every day Austin’s worried he’s letting his wife down by taking her away from all the things she’s loved. When nothing on the new ranch goes quite right, the newly married couple struggles to remember all that they’ve promised each other. But with the help of a temperamental horse, fabulous shoes, and a pile of manure… anything’s possible.

Holden's Heart by Kelli Ann Morgan: Olivia Blake arrives at Silver Springs ready to escape a failed relationship and an unwanted admirer, so when an innocent kiss puts those around her in jeopardy, she must decide what’s more dangerous--face the threat alone or take another chance on love. Kane doesn’t want to see his homestead turned into a retreat destination for romance reading fangirls, so he devises a plan to get rid of the city-slicking novelist coming to tour, but after one glimpse at love’s possibilities, he must decide if his pride is worth losing the woman who’s opened his heart.

Ranch Hand for Auction by Kimberly Krey: Meg has left her Montana home, earned her bachelor’s degree, and lived out her dream of selling her art. But now her life is in limbo. Stay in Colorado with a man who won’t commit, or call it quits and move back to her home state. Her answer comes in the form of Jake Billings, a woman-courting, dimple-sporting cowboy her father bids on at the county fair. The auctioned ranch hand is meant to help Meg process grapes on her father’s land, but along the way he steals her heart. Can Meg trust this sudden shift in direction, or will she be drawn back to the man she left behind?

Cupcakes and Cowboys by Lindzee Armstrong: Cassidy wants two things—to make her cupcake shop a success, and to forget that her fiancĂ© who traded her for the lights of Hollywood. When Jase—best friend of her ex and A-list actor—shows up at the ranch to research an upcoming role, forgetting is the last thing she can do. Can Jase convince her he’s really a country boy at heart?

Chasing Kisses by Jolene Betty Perry: With graduate school starting in the fall, Chelsea Noble is finally spending some much needed relaxing time on her dad’s ranch. She can’t wait to see her good friend, Bradley, and maybe finally get a shot at his older brother, Clayton. But when Clayton isn’t quite as great as she remembered, and Bradley’s more grown up than she realized…Chelsea’s relaxing summer is suddenly much more interesting than she bargained for.

Sixth Street Love Affair by Liz Isaacson: After losing his wife a few years back, Garth Ahlstrom thinks he's ready for a second chance at love. But Juliette Thompson has a secret that could destroy their budding relationship. Can they find the strength, patience, and faith to make things work?
MY THOUGHTS FOR: Curl up with a cowboy

Cupcakes and Cowboys by: Lindzee Armstrong
This was such a cute story. Cassidy had been through so much hurt and pain. When she is finally starting to get her live together Jace walks into her life...that is when they both start to live. Loved it! Great job! 

Sixth Street Affair By Liz Isaacson
It's so hard to read stories about abuse. Especially in a book when you expect things to be all fairy tales and happy endings. I loved this story though. Juliette and Garth have such a great story. It makes for a better story when you are able to pull from real life events, even the painful ones, and make it into something you want to read about. It was a fun read and great addition to the set! 

Ranch Hand For Auction by: Kimberly Krey
I loved this story. I especially loved the epilogue. Lately I've been reading novellas where 2 people meet and after a week they know they want to get married. In reality, it rarely works that quickly. That is why I was happy to read the epilogue and see that they took more time getting to know each other before getting married. I also appreciated that Jake paid attention to the little details because that is really the basis for a good relationship in my opinion. If you  build off all the little important things it leads to bigger even better things. As always Kim did a great job and continues to impress me with her writing!

Lights, Cowboy, Action By Cindi Madsen
Kaia and Grady come from two different worlds. Ones a cowboy and one is practicall Hollywood royalty. It's hard to even imagine how that first conversation would go. This story paints a great picture of how that relationship would play out and I really felt like I could connect with the characters well. I was worried for a second it was gonna get a little steamy and I like to keep my books clean reads but in the end it was done tastefully and PG clean! It was a fun read and a great addition to the set! 

Southern Kicks By Cassie Mae
This was a cute story. I don't read many written in the 3rd person. It was interesting that it jumped back and forth between the characters that way. I am definitely a city slicker I don't know that I could learn to live on a far if I had to. It was fun to read though. I love that Daisha wanted to do everything she could to make her husband happy and show him they could make things work! 

Holden’s Heart By: Kelli Ann Morgan
I think this was my favorite novella of the set. Olivia and Holden just reminded me of my husband and I for some reason. They clicked from the start and had an unbreakable bond. I loved the setting and the story line of this book as well. It just seemed to flow and make for a great story.

Chasing Kisses By Jolene Betty Perry
This was a great ending to a wonderful set of books. Not many people are able to make a friend in their childhood they would want to spend their life with. I loved this sweet story of a childhood friendship that grew into something so much more! 

This is a great set of clean romance and I enjoyed the whole thing!

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