Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Random acts of Greed by: Christy Barritt

Help me. Don’t trust anyone.

Do-gooder Holly Anna Paladin can’t believe her eyes when a healthy baby boy is left on her doorstep. What seems like good fortune quickly turns into concern when blood spatter is found on the bottom of the baby carrier. Something tragic—maybe deadly—happened in connection with the infant. The note left only adds to the confusion. What does it mean by “Don’t trust anyone”?

Holly is determined to figure out the identity of the baby. Is his mom someone from the inner-city youth center where she volunteers? Or maybe the connection is through Holly’s former job as a social worker? Even worse—what if the blood belongs to the baby’s mom?

Every answer Holly uncovers only leads to more questions. A sticky web of intrigue captures her imagination until she’s sure of only one thing: she must protect the baby at all cost.

I loved this book and I love the Holly Anna series. This one was full of twists which I like because if it was super predictable it wouldn't be fun to read. Holly makes some tough decisions in this book. It is time for her to take some bigger steps in life. I am excited to see how she handles the changes in the next one! Great job Christy as always!

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