Monday, February 13, 2017

When Fireflies Sing (A Snowflake Falls Romance Book 2) by: Christine Houston

When Isabelle Atkins, pop star socialite, goes missing, no one has a clue where to find her. Her accounts go dark, her credit cards vanish, and her mother throws a fit. But Isabelle isn’t gone for good. She’s hiding out at Snowflake Falls Inn, kicking it real world style by scrubbing toilets.
With the new name of Journey Miller, she’s determined to shed her old persona and come back stronger than ever. Journey’s desperate play to get out from under her mother’s controlling thumb and back to her roots is interrupted by the arrival of bad boy country star Cody Blake.
Cody has a feeling he’s met Journey before, but he just can’t place where. Journey remembers clearly and she’s determined to keep Cody at arms length. However, she can’t deny a growing attraction when they’re forced to work together.
A rock-your-world kiss in the meadow has Journey putting aside her initial resistance. That is, until Journey’s cover is blown and Cody realizes why she looked so familiar. With so much to lose, Journey has to trust her gut and hold true to who she really wants to be … even if it means risking love.

I loved this book so much. It is an amazing book about self discovery and taking responsibility and action in your own life, all wrapped up in a sweet romance. Journey and Cody lead similar lives but approach them in totally different ways. Yet both find themselves on the path of needing a life change. The best thing about life, no matter how hard things get, is the people we choose to associate with. Finding people who lift us up and carry us through the hard times is what it's all about and that is what this book has love and friendship and new life purpose. Awesome read. Great job! 

Note- I was gifted this book in exchange for a review and all opinions are my own.

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