Monday, February 13, 2017

Winter in Snow Valley by: Cindy Roland Anderson, Jeanette Lewis, Lucy McConnell, Cami Checketts, Taylor Hart, Kimverly Montpetit

The Snow Valley authors have teamed up again with six sweet and fun winter romances sure to heat up the coldest of nights.

Destiny Came Knocking by Cindy Roland Anderson

When Piper Jensen’s dog has a litter of puppies that aren’t anything like their purebred mother, she immediately suspects the culprit responsible for the mishap is her neighbor’s derelict dog. Seeking restitution, Piper confronts the owner, Gabe Wesson, a single father of two children that likes to keep to himself. She isn’t prepared for Gabe to be so handsome, nor so disagreeable, and is irritated by his demands for a paternity test to prove his dog is the sire. As she and Gabe try to work things out, they both fight a growing attraction neither one of them want. But when Piper finds her heart falling in love with his children, it might be the catalyst that tips the scale towards a destiny she never dreamed possible.

Starlight Kisses by Jeanette Lewis

Mariah Lacoste has come to Snow Valley to help her cousin revive Artisan's Knack, a boutique on Main Street that has definitely seen better days. Yeah, the timing might not be great—a major overhaul of the store plus maid of honor duties for a wedding, all during the worst winter Snow Valley has seen in a decade—but Mariah is confident she can handle it. But can she handle Riker Carmichael, the best man and rumored player, who sets out to steal her heart?

The Light in Your Eyes by Cami Checketts

Snow Valley's new pediatric dentist, McCoy Wilson, is in debt and stress taller than his beat-up Chevy. The last thing he needs is a beautiful assistant who he's drastically overpaying.
Chanel Horman prays moving to Snow Valley after her husband's death will give her and her son a fresh start. A hunky new boss isn't in the plans, but she'll have to find some way to work with McCoy without melting at his gentle smiles or she'll be in trouble deeper than the snow drifts.

The Better Man by Taylor Hart

Chase Moon hates weddings, but a guy can't avoid his brother's marriage so he's got to man up and show up. Autumn Lane has a plan in life and it doesn't include her ex fiancé or some ex bronc rider thinking he has to protect her. When Chase and Autumn are forced into working together, neither of them imagined they’d fly to L.A., end up as contestants on the Price is Right, or kiss on a rooftop. Too bad her ex fiancé threatens to sue Chase to get her back. Now Chase is faced with a choice—trust his instincts or only wish he was the better man.

Unbreak My Heart by Kimberley Montpetit

After the worst New Year’s of her life, including finding her fiancé with another woman and seeing a medium, Caitlin Webster travels to the snowy wilds of Montana. An icy road leads to an encounter with a red monster truck and contractor Quentin Hudson. Is Quentin just a big burly Montana dude—all brawn and no brains—or is there more to this enigmatic man and his monster truck? Is he the one who will capture Caitlin’s broken heart and end up saving everyone at the end?

Wedding Fever by Lucy McConnell

Cat O’Shae, a Christian romance writer who moved to Snow Valley sets a New Year’s resolution to create romance off the page. When her eyes lift from the computer screen, they land on Sam Miller, an unlikely candidate for a romantic hero, except he sure does look good in a cowboy hat and he did save her from one mad chicken… Sam might just be what she needs to start the New Year off right. 


Wedding Fever by: Lucy McConnell

*Sigh*  loved this one! Today is FREEZING outside so I curled up under blanket to finish this novella totally worth it! I loved Cat and Sam's story. Sometimes things just fall into place and everything becomes perfect without even trying to make it happen. This is how this story goes. I'm a HUGE fan of this Author and this was a great start to this set! Loved it for sure! 

UnBreak my Heart by Kimberly Montpetit
Caitlin and Quentin had such a great story. It is really hard to overcome a broken heart but when you find the right person it defiantly makes things easier. I loved that Quentin wasn't who she would normally pick for herself. Your head and your heart don't always think the same way. I love a good happily ever after and this was defiantly that! 

The Light In Your Eyes by Cami Checketts
There isn't a book by this Author I don't love. She is still my favorite! I loved Chanel and McCoy's story. Both are looking for happiness after a rough time and both are in the same profession. I love these happily ever after stories when friendship turns into something more. I really enjoyed the twist in this one too. Made it even better to read! You don't want to miss this one or any of the other Snow Valley stories. Great job Cami as always! 

Destiny Came Knocking by: Cindy Roland Anderson 
I am a firm believers that things don't happen by chance. That there is a bigger plan we can't always see. I liked how Piper and Gabe met. Through their dogs how funny is that. I loved how well Piper took to Gabe's kids sometimes "baggage" is hard to see around. They were able to build such a great friendship that I loved reading about their happily ever after.

Starlight Kisses by: Jeanette Lewis
Riker and Mariah have such a great story. They sorta met by accident but had an instant connection and neither wanted a relationship but they found themselves drawn to each other. I love the teasing playful type relationships because that is how me and my hubs are. This was another awesome addition to the set! 

The Better Man by:Taylor Hart
I hate to read stories about abuse but unfortunate that is a reality and it's good to get a dose of it once in a while. It makes them more bearable when they have a happy ending. I love Chase and Autumn's story. Sometimes the one we fall in love with isn't the one we had always pictures ourselves with the our heart wants what it wants. What a great ending to an amazing set of novellas. Loved it!

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