Thursday, August 10, 2017

Never Trust the Rain (Destined for Love: Europe) by Laura D. Bastian

When Ami goes to help her sister with a new baby in Scotland, she never imagined she’d fall for the Hot Scot that rescues her from the airport when the baby comes a few weeks early. 
Duncan’s always been willing to help his American co-worker adjust to life in Edinburgh, but when he’s sent to retrieve the guy’s sister-in-law from the airport, he didn’t expect to want to spend more time with her than just the short drive. 
As Duncan shows Ami around Scotland, their feelings grow, but can either of them agree to give up the life they know for the chance of a life together?

Books in the Destined for Love: Europe collection
— Desperately Seeking Mr. Right by Sally Johnson 
— Meet Me At Sunrise by Lucinda Whitney
— 12 Days to Love by Lisa Swinton 
— Kiss Me in the Moonlight by Lindzee Armstrong 
— Never Trust the Rain by Laura D. Bastian

I've always wanted visit Scotland. I have family from there and my husband lived there for a few years as a child. I loved the characters in this book and their instant friendship. I loved that they were comfortable enough with each other to just stand in the rain. That is how a relationship should be. This is the last book in the series for me. It was just as good as the others I highly recommend them all! 

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