Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sweet Home Atlanta: Quotable Romance Book 3 by: Lucy McConnell

To the world, Rubi Walsh is a Hollywood star full of southern charm and a huge bank account. When her no-good brother-in-law turns his back on Rubi’s sister after a miscarriage, Rubi will stop at nothing to get him to sign divorce papers—even if it means latching herself to his industrious roommate until the deadbeat resurfaces. 

Cash Lowell isn’t thrilled to have this wisp of a woman dogging his every move. She’s annoying and persistent, and far too happy to jump into trouble. He thinks he’s gotten rid of her after winning a bet, only to have her show up on his doorstep bright and early the next morning. After Rubi tracks him into work, charms his dad out of an invitation to the family summer barbecue, and manages to show up his show-off cousin, Cash softens considerably. But, his roommate is bound to stumble home sooner or later and Cash finds himself hoping it’s later rather than sooner.Rubi hasn’t spent much time with men like Cash who make ice cream for their nieces and nephews, watch the sunrise over the lake, and build a business from nothing more than a few designs and a whole lot of muscle. The more she learns about Cash, the harder it is to face the ending that’s sure to come. Just when she settles in to Cash’s beautiful life, her brother-in-law crashes the dream and Rubi has to trust that Cash knows the woman behind what the world sees or walk away with an empty heart.

Loving this series! I've also decided that the Author and I for sure have the same taste in movies because her 4 stories based off of movies titles are all some of my favorites as well. I loved Rubi's determination and spunk she is what made this book fun. Cash was such a good sport with her when technically he wasn't involved in the situation. I could totally picture the characters from the movie while reading this. It has always been one of my all time favs and is actually my 13 years olds favorite movie. I really liked the spin on this one and hope there will be others on this series soon! 

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