Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Getting Her Groom (The DiCarlo Brides Book 7) By Heather Tullis

Getting Her Groom (The DiCarlo Brides Book 7) By Heather Tullis


Angela Chestnut can’t wait to move to New York City to fulfill her dream on the stages of Broadway, but first she has to finish her last year of college. When a couple of the student stages are damaged in a flood, she moves the show she has to direct to a local community center in the hopes of raising enough funds that they’ll be able to keep their doors open. But someone wants The Center to fail, and if that means Angela’s show, and her final grade, have to fail as well, they’re totally okay with that.
Alex Checketts has had an unhealthy interest (in his opinion) in Angela, who is twelve years younger than himself, since they met at her sister’s place the previous summer. He finds himself roped into accompanying the musical she’s written for her project and gets caught up in the mystery behind who is trying to shut down the community center. His attraction to Angela only grows as they spend more time together and her interest in him isn’t helping his resolve not to date her.
Whether they’ll be able to make it work after she moved to New York worries them both. But first they have to survive to put on Angela’s show and save The Center.


I loved the DiCarlo Bride series and was looking forward to reading this one. I felt however it was a little lacking compared to the others. It was still good but the story just seemed to be at a slower pace than the others. I know that technically Angela wasn’t one of the DiCarlo’s and maybe that is why the Author wanted it to be on a different level but it just didn’t have the same feel. I did like Angela and Alex’s story though and loved how it all played out in the end. It would be fun to read another update story with all their babies and their new lives and see how that all plays out in the end!

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