Monday, January 26, 2015

Tough Love: Book 3 in the Love and Trust Trilogy By: Shannon Guymon

Tough Love: Book 3 in the Love and Trust Trilogy By: Shannon Guymon


Taryn Downing has made a name for herself as a smart, tough businesswoman. The title she doesn't want though is Cougar. But Brogan Moore, the man she has feelings for has given her an ultimatum: Tell the world they're together, or he walks. As Taryn watches Brogan walk out of her life, she has to ask herself, if her pride is more important than Love. Taryn isn't the only one who has issues with pride and image though. Brogan will have to decide if Taryn is the woman for him, or if his parents are right and he would be better off playing it safe.


This book was definitely named well! Taryn is stubborn and becomes the biggest obstacle to her own happiness. She and Brogan have both liked each other for years but because of an age difference she doesn't want to pursue it. It think it is society that has made age differences weird. I can only think of one couple I know that is actually that same age. I see nothing wrong with marrying younger or older your heart what your heart wants. Her temper reminded me of mine.  I totally would have reacted the same way she did in a few of her situations. I know how hard it to get past our normal frame of mind and open up to something new! I'm glad that she was able to change her way of thinking and see find her happiness!

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