Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Cookie Girl Christmas by: Christene Houston


Molly Hayes has one more job before Christmas and then she can put her plans for a storefront bakery of her own in motion. What she doesn't bargain for is the handsome young Scrooge who insults her cookies and makes her blood boil. Toss in a heaping helping of snowstorm and a pinch of romantic old Inn and you've got yourself the perfect recipe for a not-so-silent-night.


I loved this book. Christene is so detailed with her descriptions you can feel yourself inside the book. It is was full of emotion. I was laughing and crying and wishing it was winter. Molly has a lot of emotion built up from her past that she has a hard time facing her present and future. When she meets Greyson, he is so irritating and he just gets under her skin, but she can’t bring herself to stay away from him. When they are kind of forced into spending time together at Christmas they are both struggling with issues from their past. After spending more and more time together they find that maybe what they needed all along was someone who would understand. This book would be perfect read for Christmas time but it was also a fun read in July when it’s hot and I was wishing it was cold. There are a lot of great recipes and Christmas party ideas in this book that I am glad I read it in July so I can try them out this year. Christene, it was a great book and I really enjoyed it! I look forward to reading more from you!

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  1. Ahh! Love this! Thank you for those kind words, Julia!