Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Organized Bride by: Lucy McConnell

Early on, Pamela Jones realized she had an unusual talent for putting two people together. Over the years, she's turned it into a successful matchmaking service for the ultra-wealthy: Billionaire Marriage Brokers. While she specializes in "business" marriages--paring people off because of their skills, education, or training--she can spot a potential love match a mile away. When Pamela has a "good feeling" about a bride and groom a business marriage can become so much more.

MaKayla thought taking a job as an event planner for a high-end hotel would be a wonderful lead into opening her own events business. However, a one year no-contact clause leaves her clientless if she quits. With nowhere to go, she is intrigued with Pamela's offer for a one-year contract running charities and overseeing contributions--until she finds out that to take her dream job, she also has to take Gabe...for better or worse.

I am loving the BMB series. This book was just as good as the first. They aren't extremely long books because I read this one in a few hours but they totally worth it. Gabe and MaKayla both have goals for where they want their lives to go. Neither wanted marriage but when it made things easier to reach those goals they were both willing to take the plunge. Lucy has a way of making you fall in love with these characters and hope that they will see they are made for each other and fall in love. Even though it may seem like these books would disrespect what marriage is really about Lucy makes them tasteful and respectful. Even though in every book they jump into marriage with someone they have never met. To help prove that here is my favorite line from this one. "Picking up her hand, Gabe pressed his lips to MaKayla's fingers. She smiled at him, and he knew his life would be full of breathless moments!" I have to say I'm hooked and off to start the 3rd one!

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