Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Academic Bride by: Lucy McConnell


Early on, Pamela Jones realized she had an unusual talent for putting two people together. Over the years, she's turned it into a successful matchmaking service for the ultra wealthy: Billionaire Marriage Brokers. While she specializes in "business" marriages -- paring people off because of their skills, education, or training -- she can spot a potential love match a mile away. When Pamela has a "good feeling" about a bride and groom - a business marriage can become so much more.

Janel Fendrick is a go-getter. Her dream of excavating a Mayan temple is within reach -- until the funding is pulled and she's left scrambling for an alternative. Pamela Jones comes along with a proposal...and a groom! Janel hesitates, until she realizes that one year of marriage is a small price to pay to have all her dreams come true. What she doesn't realize, is that she's about to get more than she ever dreamed of.

I loved this book! The concept was a little strange at first. It's kind of a mail order bride thing. Also the thoughts of marrying someone you've never even met.... But it all came together so well. Lucy did a great job at keeping the story line flowing and how they we able to form their relationship was excellent. The book had be laughing and smiling and it was a fun read! I loved Lucy's novellas in the Snow Valley sets and I can't wait to read book 2 in the BMB series it is now next on my list! It's always nice to read a good clean romance novel!

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