Friday, October 28, 2016

On the Corner of Heartache and Love by: Lisa Swinton


Maren's stuck at the intersection of heartache and love, but happily ever after might be just around the corner.

After three years, Maren Summers is elated to finally have her dream wedding to her dream man, Kevin Bryant. In her sights is the promotion to weddings she’s worked so hard for at the newspaper. Happily ever after is within her grasp…

Until Kevin jilts her at the altar, elopes with another woman, and becomes her boss. Devastated by the twisted turn of events Maren moves in with her best friend and notices the not-so-homeless guy on the corner, Zane Whitfield. As his heart-wrenching tale unfolds—his vow to wait a year on the corner for his lost love—Maren sees his compassionate human-interest story as her ticket away from Kevin, weddings, and her heartache.

But as the New Year approaches, is Maren headed for heartache again when Zane's lost love returns or has time changed more than one heart?

*Sigh* I loved this book so much! I'm actually sad it's over. Zane and Maren both needed a friend after such unthinkable things happened to them in their lives and relationships. It was so much fun to see how their friendship played out and grew. I wasn't sure that either would get a happily ever after but I loved really the ending! This is what sappy love story books should be made of! It was so good I didn't wanted to put it down until I was done. Amazing, amazing job Lisa! Can not wait for more from you!

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