Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Resilient Bride by: Lucy McConnell

Enjoy This Heartfelt Romance From Bestselling Author Lucy McConnell.

Liam Bernhard has climbed Egyptian pyramids, skydived, searched for sunken treasure, reached high camp on Mount Everest, and paddle boarded in Antarctica. He has one final wish before he dies; he wants to be married. With time running short, he hires Pamela Jones to find him a bride.
Kiera Martin has done the Billionaire Marriage Brokers arrangement once before and it didn’t turn out well. She left her verbally abusive husband and BMB behind to nurse her mom through cancer treatments—expensive cancer treatments. Three years later, with few financial options left, still carrying baggage from her first marriage, and her mom in remission, Kiera gives Pamela one more chance.
What she thinks will be the fast road to debt reduction turns out to be the hardest path she’s ever trod as Liam’s diagnosis looms over their every minute together. He showers her with enough love to last eternity, which is good because eternity may be all they have to look forward to. In order to find her happy ending in a world where sorrows outweigh the joys, Kiera must learn how to live in the moment, cherish every good gift, and love like she was dying.

Wow! This is a book full of emotions. I loved it so much! You can really tell that the Author poured her whole heart into this book. It really is amazing! Be prepared to be pulled in to the book, the characters and their story. It was such a mix of happy, sad, love and  even desire on so many levels. I found myself feeling connected to Kiera and Liam and wanted to see their happily ever after. This book will pull on your heartstrings but it's totally worth it. Another awesome addition the the BMB series. I love them all! 

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