Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Taylor Lynne by: Jennifer Peel

Determined not to repeat the same mistakes as her mother, Taylor Cole left her husband with their toddler in tow fourteen years ago and vowed never to return to Merryton. Now she is finally ready to face her demons and put the past and her ex-husband behind her, but to do that she and her daughter must return to the place that haunts her memories. A place where she lost not only the love of her life, but her childhood hopes and dreams.

When they move back, Taylor can’t seem to remain apathetic toward her ex-husband or his nine-year-old daughter. She discovers that maybe all wasn’t as it seemed so many years ago. And maybe—just maybe—she and her ex-husband need each other more now than they ever have before. But can the exes put the past behind them and find a way to forgive each other? Or will they let past mistakes and misunderstandings keep them from future happiness?

Return to Merryton and join Taylor and Easton on their journey, and catch up with old friends you grew to love in Jessie Belle.

I love second chance romance stories. Life is hard. Love and marriage are hard. They all take a lot of work and sometimes it takes more than one round to figure it out. (I'm my husbands second round lol). I loved Taylor and Easton's story. They married young and quick and when you lose sight of each other and stop communicating it's almost impossible to stay together. I loved that for their daughter were willing to try living near each other and mix their lives to make her happy. And I really enjoyed their banter and Easton's determination to fix things. This was an awesome book I really loved it a lot and can't wait to read the next one!

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