Monday, November 21, 2016

Light the Dark by: Christy Barritt

Nine months pregnant, Hope Solomon is on the run and fearing for her life. Desperate for warmth, food, and shelter, she finds what looks like an abandoned house. Inside, she discovers a Christmas that’s been left behind—complete with faded decorations on a brittle Christmas tree and dusty stockings filled with loss.

Someone spies smoke coming from the chimney of the empty house and alerts Dr. Luke Griffin, the owner. He rarely visits the home that harbors so many bittersweet memories for him. But no one is going to violate the space so near and dear to his heart.

Then Luke meets Hope, and he knows this mother-to-be desperately needs help. With no room at any local inn, Luke invites Hope to stay, unaware of the danger following her. While running from the darkness, the embers of Christmas present are stirred with an unexpected birth and a holiday romance. But will Hope and Luke live to see a Christmas future?


This was such a fun afternoon read! I was really worried that the story wouldn't feel complete being so short but the Author did an awesome job with all the details in such a short book. Hope and Luke had both had terrible heartache but were able to find happiness again with each other. I love the Christmas references and the Christmas message of this novella. Great job! 

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