Monday, March 6, 2017

Shadow of Suspicion (Love Inspired Suspense) by Christy Barritt

First, computer specialist Laney Ryan's accused of kidnapping her neighbor's daughter—and now someone's trying to kill her. The police don't believe Laney's story…except for Detective Mark James, whose instincts say Laney isn't guilty. Together, Mark and Laney must figure out who really abducted the teen and uncover why they're framing Laney. But when their search for the truth turns deadly, Mark realizes his feelings for Laney aren't strictly professional and that he'll stop at nothing to keep her safe. With a dangerous suspect swiftly closing in, can they find the missing girl and clear Laney's name…before their possible future together is fatally cut short?

This book was amazing. An edge of your seat suspense. The Author has an amazing ability to pull you right in to the story and have you hooked. I loved the all plot twists and the over all story line. Mark and Laney had an instant connection and both had overcome major tragedy in their lives. If you are looking for an awesome suspenseful mystery to fill your afternoon look no fatter cause this is it. HUGE fan of this Author she is one of the best!!

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