Sunday, May 28, 2017

12 Days to Love by: Lisa Swinton



12 days...10...ports...1 soul searing kiss that will change her life.

Lily is free. Free from home. Free from work and everything she built the last eight years. And she’s scared to death. With her half of the Etsy business sold, Lily is persuaded by Maddie to take advantage of her windfall and go on a cruise around Italy, explore new possibilities, and meet new people, especially the male kind. Feeling as unstable as the waves rolling beneath the ship, Lily is reluctant to agree to a romantic flirtation, even with a man as intriguing as Zander.

The cruise is supposed to be a fresh start for Zander and an opportunity to expand his freelance photography business. It also marks the one year anniversary of his fiancĂ©e’s death. All he’s interested in gaining from the experience is a larger portfolio, but finds himself irresistibly drawn to Lily, who looks nearly as lost as he feels.

A cruise ship romance couldn’t possibly last, and yet how can Lily and Zander resist falling in love in the most romantic country on earth?

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My Mom was born in England so I have always wanted to go to Europe and travel. I love the idea of a European cruise and being able to see so many places at once. Lilly and Zander had an instant bond with each other but didn't think that knowing each other for short amount of time would go anywhere so neither wanted to fully put their hearts into it. Sometimes we don't always have control over our emotions even when we try to. This was such a fun book and has me longing to travel. Can't wait to read more in this European Destined for Love series! 

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