Sunday, May 28, 2017

Kiss me in the Moonlight by:Lindzee Armstrong


Kissing her way through Europe wasn’t in the job description…

When Paige’s mysterious and attractive boyfriend dumps her in an email, she decides that chaperoning hormonal teenagers on a once-in-a-lifetime trip is the perfect way to cope. Surely a summer in Europe will heal her battered heart. Best of all, she’ll get to visit the historical sites she’s spent a lifetime studying on someone else’s dime.

Nick's life is in free fall. Being an undercover agent has never been easy, but lately the price has been too high. He’s just dumped the love of his life for a secret European mission that resulted in the death of his best friend. Nick can’t shake the feeling that there’s a rat at the agency, and he’s determined to track him down.

When Nick and Paige end up spending the summer together as colleagues, it’s more than either bargained for. Sparks fly as they reconnect, and secrets become harder and harder to keep. Paige is determined to get answers about their breakup, and Nick is eager for a second chance. But as the investigation into his partner’s death heats up, one kiss in the moonlight changes everything.

Race through this exhilarating second-chance romance today!

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This one was amazing! I love reading suspenseful romance! After all the other books in this series this was a nice change of pace. Paige and Nick have a rocky past. When their paths cross again things aren't going to be easy for either of them. They find themselves fighting for a relationship and later fighting for their lives. It's such a great story that will have you swooning and on the edge of your seat at the same time. This was a first for me for this Author I will defiantly be adding more of her books to my list! 

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