Saturday, May 6, 2017

Accidentally in Love: Kam's Story (Fircrest Book 13) by: Shannon Guymon

A funny and bittersweet look at grief, love and families who maybe love each other too much.
Letting go of the past and facing the present and future is harder said than done for Kam Matafeo. Getting over his wife’s death isn’t something on Kam’s list of things to do. But when Grace Jackson, his new Sous Chef walks in, life is turned upside down. And not just for him either. Anne, his mother-in-law, is not open to the idea of anyone new in Kam’s life and will do anything to stop his romance from blooming. But when the ‘Love Witches’ step in to protect him, the battle lines are drawn. Fircrest is in for some fireworks when the fight for Kam’s heart not only affects his family, but his friends’ lives too.
Things get so crazy that Grace has to make the decision to stay and fight for herself and Kam or to give up and let Kam slip back into the darkness.

Accidentally in Love
*Huge Sigh* So happy I took the morning off and decided to binge read the rest of this book. I was AMAZING!!!! Everything I hoped it to be and more. This Author has poured her heart and soul into this series of Fircrest books. Her love of writing and her love of her fans shows on every. single. page. There is an Authors note at the end of the book where she explains how writing this book was so hard for her. I know for a fact there were so many fans out there (like me!) dying to see an ending, especially for Kam. We all really appreciate the time and effort it took to make this thing happen! Take another deserved break we will be here waiting...

Ok on to my review....
This book is a whole lot of everything...It will have you laughing, crying, shaking your head and cheering! I love how the whole town comes together for each other. I love how all the characters from the 12 other books make an appearance in this one and I loved the story line all around. I just loved everything about it. After losing his wife Kam becomes a shell of who he once was, the heart of the town. Everyone, well almost everyone, wants him to come alive and be happy again. When Grace comes into his life and he starts to come alive there are 2 people in town that want to cause I said this book is amazing there are just no words that can really explain how much I loved it. YOU WILL NEED TO READ THE OTHER BOOKS IN THIS SERIES FIRST FOR IT TO MAKE SENSE BUT TRUST ME THAT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT.

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