Saturday, March 19, 2016

Operation Kiss the Girl by: Cindy Roland Anderson

NOTE TO READER: THIS STANDALONE VERSION of Operation Kiss the Girl INCLUDES 2 BONUS CHAPTERS! Ivy Baker is doomed to marry a man she only pretends to be in love with to save the family ranch. Since she isn’t marrying for love, Ivy secretly creates a kissing wish list composed of scenes from the romance books she loves to read. She hopes to experience at least one kiss from her list before she becomes officially engaged and seals her fate. When she travels to Snow Valley to help her aunt recover from knee surgery, Ivy finds herself falling for Kellen Thomas, an irresistible cowboy she should avoid. By chance Kellen finds Ivy’s list, and decides to make it his mission to help her fulfill her bucket list, turning her world upside down and making Ivy want to choose her heart over duty.


I loved this story! What a great opening to this set! We all fell in love with Kellen in the Summer in Snow Valley books so it was great to see him get his story. I loved Kellen and Ivy's story. The Instant attraction they had for each other was much like my husband and I. I thought it was awesome that Kellen, a former military man, made it his mission to give Ivy what she wanted. Isn't that how life is supposed to be. Always striving to be there for each other and to make each other happy I any way possible. I also loved how the Author made references to Oh Come on Be Faithful by Cami Checketts because I love that book as well! Great Job Cindy I look forward to reading more from you!

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