Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Romancing A Husband (Snow Valley Romance) by: Lucy McConnell

Natalie Lawson is at a crossroads. Her husband is down on his luck and some days he's just plain down while Natalie is moving forward, gaining promotions and starting new adventures. In some ways, they've grown apart and Natalie can't help but wonder if her path through life will always include Eli. When tragedy throws them together, Natalie learns a profound lesson that may save her marriage and provide the key to romancing a husband.

 I think this was my favorite story of the set. Although I am a sucker for a good romance story, I am married, and I know that everyday isn't a fairy tale for sure. This story was a good reminder that life is hard. Things come along that throw us off, things take us out of our comfort zones and they require hard work and dedication. It is also important to remember that we do need to romance our spouses. We get into a routine and we forget about all the fun of the 'honeymoon faze' when our entire focus was to bring each other happiness. It was nice to read something a little different for a change that would give us a nice kick of reality! I think we can all use a good reminder once in a while and if your relationship ever gets to a low dark place like Natalie and Eli's you won't ever forget how important even the little things are because it takes a lot of effort on both parts to bring it back to somethings great! I can totally relate! Again I loved this book it was an awesome change of pace. Great job!

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