Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sealed With a Kiss by: Kimberly Montpetit

It's been over a year since Jessica Mason and James Douglas first met and sparks flew, but now Jessica and James are struggling to make their long-distance relationship work between New Orleans where Jessica dances with the local ballet company and Snow Valley, Montana where James is the new pastor at the small community church.

When April Murphy, a war widow with a young daughter, shows up in Snow Valley, James reluctantly begins to wonder if he and Jessica are really meant to be. April would make the perfect pastor’s wife and he’d have an instant family and the stability he craves.

But he can’t get the spitfire Jessica out of his mind and when she returns to Snow Valley to accept an inheritance, her male ballet partner in tow, their love takes on a new edge.

Can Jessica and James figure out how to create a family while living in two different states—or do they allow their hearts to move on and forget the passion they once shared?

A Contemporary Romance set in small town Snow Valley, Montana where life and love converge.

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This novella had me guessing till the end. I loved the plot twist and the decision between the 2 guys. For a while there I wasn't sure Jessica would end up with the guy I wanted her too. I'm all for a sappy love story but it's awesome to throw a twist in there once in a while. We have been following Pastor James and Jessica for awhile so it was fun to see their story finished up. Loved it! Another awesome Snow Valley Romance! 

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