Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Secret Bride Society (Volume 1) by: Amanda Tru

The town of Secret is getting a pastor's wife. And the only one who doesn't know is the groom!

When Leah Barton overhears a covert meeting of the church congregation, she is concerned. After all, a graveyard isn't the usual place for members to meet. What could the congregation be plotting, especially if the pastor wasn't invited?

Of course, as the daughter of the town drunk, Leah isn't invited either, which makes it all the more necessary for her to find out their plans. But their secret isn't what she expected. Though she believes the pastor should be told, doing so could have dire consequences for herself and her family.
Secret isn't a normal California mining town. And Leah doesn't have normal responsibilities. Now she must decide how to protect her family, the pastor she admires, and the church while chasing after her three precocious siblings and dodging a church congregation comprised of a cast of quirky characters intent on having their way.
When the church's plan takes an unexpected twist, Leah must decide whose opinion matters most to her. Will she be content with a life and reputation dictated by others, or will she be open to a future, and a love, that requires her to learn and step forward in faith?And how will she convince all of Secret that the greatest danger to their future just may be a well-meaning congregation? 
I loved this book! The was a good distraction from a seemingly awful day. I enjoyed the humor in it. Leah was a very hardworking girl that stepped up to do everything to take care of her Father and siblings after her Mothers death. I would never want to put that burden on one of my children but I know they were all take that roll if the needed to. This was such a great book and can't wait for the next one in the series! As always books by this Author are amazing!!

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  1. This sounds like a book I would really enjoy!!