Thursday, April 6, 2017

How to Love a Dog's Best Friend (Must Love Dogs Book 1) by: Cami Checketts

Attacked as a child, Brikelle Manwaring is terrified of dogs. When Colt Jepson's huge Great Dane chases her up a canyon, she tells him off and prays she'll never see either of them again.
When Colt and Brikelle are forced to pretend they are married, Colt discovers there’s more to Brikelle than a feisty beauty who likes to tell him off.
Their deception grows until neither of them are sure what is reality and what is fiction. The only thing they know is if they don’t tell the truth soon, they might lose their careers and any chance to be together.
Can Brikelle ever learn to love a beastly dog, or his owner?
Includes excerpts from bestselling and award-winning author Lucy McConnell's latest Billionaire Marriage Broker Romance: The Athletic Groom; bestselling author Taylor Hart's new Bachelor Billionaire Romance: The Lost Groom; and the fun and fast-paced addition to the Must Love Dog Romances, How to Train a Husband by Sarah Gay.
Part of the Must Love Dog Romance series, How to Love a Dog's Best Friend is a stand-alone, clean romantic comedy novel. No need to read these books in order. They all exhibit their unique flair with the theme of loving dogs.
Also by Cami Checketts and Jeanette Lewis are the Best-Selling Billionaire Bride Pact Series. The books in order would be:
The Resilient One
The Passionate One
The Feisty One
The Rebellious One
The Independent One
The Adventurous One
The Protective One
The Faithful One
The Daring One
The Disenchanted One
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I am not a dog lover. Never really have been. I wasn't bitten as a child but we had a neighbors dog that used to bite the boards off our fence and get into our yard and he was always barking and snarling at us when we were playing. I did try getting a dog for my kids once. It was so stressful I couldn't take it and we had to give it away. I loved this story though. I love that it started out as a fight about a dog haha. Something that would totally happen in my world. I loved that Colt and Brikelle had a pretty instant bond and that they couldn't fight that they were meant to be. I love Emma, the wise little old lady that kind of forced then to see each other in a different light! This was an awesome happily ever after story! 

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