Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ultimate Life by Steve and Rachelle Christensen

Ultimate Life gives you a simple, yet detailed look at how to create a life worth living in 9 simple steps.
In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to:
•Gain more energy and vitality in life
•Choose the right foods to help you lose weight
•Build lasting relationships that connect at a deeper level
•Create a workout routine that produces noticeable results
•Gain a greater understanding for your own purpose in life

Get ready to live the life of your dreams, your Ultimate Life! Get the guide to get started at

This book is awesome! My husband's goal this year has been to lose weight and become healthier and he is doing really well. He has followed a lot of these same steps. I think I having a support system is huge and I love that the Authors wrote this as a husband and wife team and that they are there for each other. I love that his book has so much personal technique and perspective and it's not all just research because I think that is a huge key to success. Losing weight isn't only about diet and exercise and they really go into depth about other changes that will help keep you successful after the first initial jump start into a healthier life. It is an amazing self-help book! I look forward to seeing more from these two! 

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