Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Two Hearts Rescue: Park City Firefighter Romance by Daniel Banner

Poppy Mercier is not good enough. At least that what she's always been told and she believes. After tumultuous college years she returns to her hometown of Park City, Utah and soon encounters a handsome young fireman who makes her doubt her own self-doubts.

Slade Powers isn't interested, at least not like that. He's the new guy on the Park City Fire Department and is struggling to get a side business off the ground. He's been burned in love before and has no desire to expose himself like that again. But when he meets the girl whose smile can outshine the sun, he knows he's in trouble.

Will these two broken souls overcome their pasts to find love or is it too late for either of them to be rescued?

Having been a firefighter's wife for 15+ years I have never wanted to read a firefighter's romance because I live it everyday. I had to give this one a shot though since it was written by a firefighter. Since I am able to see both sides of this life it really says how much of his heart and soul the Author put into this book. I can appreciate it on so many levels. As the wife of a firefighter, as well as someone who frequents personal counseling to better oneself, I love that the Author is able to vent his emotions through writing. What a great release of the stresses of this life or any for that matter. If I had any talent I would do the same thing but mine tends to be rambling on paper. I loved the story line and the depth of the characters. I think the continuous connection you get with the guys at the station throughout this series is starting to grow on me. I love that this book has a lot of hidden emotion that others outside of this life may not pick up on but it helps to give the story what it needs to be realistic. I am really glad I gave this one a shot and can't wait to read more from this Author.

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