Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Athletic Groom: Billionaire Marriage Brokers by: Lucy McConnell

Harper Richmond inherited a locker room full of trouble upon her father’s death. She got a womanizing pitcher, a forbidden office romance, and a balance sheet in the red. As if that wasn’t enough, she needs a new manager—pronto. With her contacts exhausted, she turns to Pamela Jones for help only to realize Pamela doesn’t run an employment agency—she runs a marriage brokerage. With no other options, Harper agrees to a business marriage in hopes that Pamela can work her magic and find the man who will help her maintain her father’s legacy.

The St. George Redrocks are ripe for reorganization and Isaac Wolfe is ready to take on the challenge. He’s been married before, and didn’t particularly enjoy the experience, but for a shot at the big leagues, he’d marry a turnip. Only Harper isn’t anything like a turnip. She’s warm, inviting, smart, and treats Isaac’s son like a member of the family. The more time he spends with her, the more he realizes a year-long marriage isn’t going to be enough. But, if they can’t work out their differences when it comes to managing the team, then they’ll lose everything important before the seventh inning stretch.

I loved this one. I'm not a big baseball fan but I know what it's like to lose your Father and not want to let go of his Legacy. I loved that Isaac and Harper started out as a united front. That is a good start for every marriage and I love that she was so accepting of Logan. I hope that my step daughter feels like I have always been that way with her because I have tried hard. The books from this series never disappoint. They just keep getting better and better! 

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