Thursday, June 18, 2015

Random Acts of Deceit (Holly Anna Paladin Mysteries Book 2) by: Christy Barritt

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“Break up with Chase Dexter, or I’ll kill him.” Holly Anna Paladin never expected such a gut-wrenching ultimatum. But the man threatening her makes it clear he’s dead serious. With home invasions, hidden cameras, and bombs threats, Holly must make some serious choices. Whatever Holly decides, the consequences will either break her heart or break her soul. She tries to match wits with the masked man, but he’s always a step ahead of her. The more she fights, the deeper she’s drawn into the perilous situation. Dealing with the ultimatum, her sister’s wedding problems, and riots that have broken out in the city, Holly’s nearly at her breaking point. She must discover the identity of this mystery man before someone she loves dies. But the deceit is threatening to pull her under . . . six feet under.


I loved Holly Anna in the first book, and after reading the second one, I love her even more. She is totally someone I would want to be friends with. I loved this book. It was full of action and excitement. Holly Anna seems to find herself in trouble like Gabby from the Squeaky Clean Series. It got me thinking maybe there will be a lot more books in this series and I like that idea! Holly is forced to make some really tough decisions and has to face them alone. It shows her true strength and her love for Chase! After all she went through in the first book it was tough to see her go thru so much again but she was strong and persevered and I was glad she got a happy ending! As always Christy's books are amazing! 

NOTE: I was gifted this book by the Author in exchange for a honest review!

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