Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Christmas Card by: Amanda Tru

A Christmas card meant to win the heart of a woman, changes the hearts of many. Cole Nikols had spent months planning the perfect night for his girlfriend, Sarah Whitman. But when Sarah abandons their date for yet another emergency with her ever-demanding charitable work, everything falls apart. Now, instead of planning their future, Cole is worried he’s ruined any chance he had with Sarah. Wanting to prove his love for Sarah, Cole writes a Christmas card. He sends it to everyone he knows, spreading the message of Sarah’s generous life and dedication to God, while asking others for help in his project of winning the woman he loves. However, never does he imagine the far reach and impact one Christmas card can make. Landing in the hands of so many different people, it produces a chain that changes lives forever. As the Christmas card’s stories come full circle, will Cole’s plan work? Will a Christmas card be enough to win Sarah’s heart?"


I loved this book and the whole idea behind it. What Amanda would like to accomplish is so awesome! The whole concept behind it reminds me of the movie Pay It Forward. This book however is based more religiously on what would we do for the Savior. I love that Amanda wants to get the word out about her genius project around Christmas. The point is to have people that are doing random acts of kindness with the soul purpose of keeping the Savior in mind. That is the true meaning of Christmas anyway!!! I can't wait to put this plan in motion and to spread the word both about the project and the book! I plan to get my kids involved but I hope I can also get my church ward involved as well. It is a great idea and a great book! Once again Amanda impresses me with her talent and her great ideas. I hope this one goes far and does many wonderful things!

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