Monday, June 15, 2015

Still Time by: Maria Hoagland

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Thrust into the chaos of her mother-in-law’s hoarding and forgetfulness, LDS church member Alyssa Johnston wishes she could retreat to a simpler time when her kids were small and almost anything could be fixed with a hug. But reassurance and a quick distraction no longer erase the pain of a missionary son who is struggling, a young teen who is bullied, or a daughter who is distant. As Aly’s own life and relationship with her husband plunge out of control, she wonders if her faith will be enough to keep her family—or herself—from falling apart. Still Time is a deeply moving story about a woman’s faithful journey into the next phase of her life. You will laugh with Aly, feel her sorrow, and see yourself in Maria Hoagland’s realistic, heartfelt portrayal of a woman’s struggle to keep her family safe and hold back time as long as she can.


This is the first of Maria's books I have reviewed. It took me a while to get used to reading a book written in first person. In the end though, I felt like I could connect with the characters and the story well. 'Aly' was one brave woman to tackle taking care teenagers and her mother-in-law at the same time. It was nice to read that she had the same feelings and thoughts I would have had in those situations. She was far more patient than I would have been though.  My favorite line from the book was, "If you let the Lord write the story of your mission, it will be a story worth telling." In the book they were talking about serving an LDS mission but I think that applies to life as well. If we dedicate our lives to the Lord our story will be a great one! I love discovering new Authors. I own Maria's other books as well and look forward to reading them soon!

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