Monday, June 22, 2015

Assumption of Guilt by: Amanda Tru


Nobody stops to think what it would be like to be arrested. That just doesn’t happen to normal people, right?

When a major theft happens at a party she’s attending, Sophie James finds herself the prime suspect. Has she been framed or was she just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Now Sophie must convince the police, along with her cop boyfriend, that she’s innocent. With no record, no motive, and no evidence, that shouldn’t be difficult.

Then why does no one seem to believe her?

I loved this novella! Amanda's books have a way of pulling you in and you really connect well with the characters of the book! I found myself really feeling bad for Sophie and her situation. This book is full of twists and the ending is very surprising, it was a lot of fun! It's a great afternoon read. Even my 11 year old is enjoying it so far and she is not much of a reader. I love Amanda's books they never disappoint.

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