Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Heart So Broken by: Christene Houston

To learn more about Christene and her books visit her website: http://christenehouston.com/
When Jenna Tucker arrives on Aunt Lilly's porch, her broken arm is a small reflection of the shattered girl within. The sudden loss of her father during his service in Iraq has conspired to transform her from top of the class track queen to a girl on the run from haunting nightmares. With a trail of burned bridges ablaze behind her and deep resentment for the survivor of the blast that took her father's life Jenna digs in for a miserable summer in small town West Junction. Aunt Lilly is just what she needs: comfort, guidance, and hard truth rolled into a pair of loving arms. Under her tender care, Jenna has a vivid dream that reawakens hope for happiness. Meeting handsome Cooper Turnage at the crossroads brightens the possibilities considerably. The attraction that crackles between them is hard to resist, but Cooper struggles to hide a painful history that could ruin his chances with Jenna forever. The day Jenna discovers Cooper's devastating secret, her still tender heart is crushed all over again. She is confronted with a choice between the comfort of bitterness or a path of forgiveness that will heal at last a heart so broken.
This is the first book of Christene’s I have read. I was very impressed with her style of writing and her attention to the details. I plan to read more of her books in the near future. This book is listed as a YA romance but I didn’t feel that it was geared to an audience so young that I didn’t enjoy it just as much! I lost my own Father 9 years ago yesterday and it was very unexpected. Although I was older than Jenna some I struggled with some of the same emotions and still do. This is one of my favorite parts of the book so you can see what you’ll have to look forward to…. “Cooper, I can’t make you any promises. I know I’m emotional and crazy and so selfish. I know I’m going to disappoint you again because I’m human. But I also know that when we’re together, my heart feels like it’s beating right for the first time. You make me laugh until I cry. You help me be a better person. And I’m willing to fight for us.” I love it when I discover a new Author it’s like Christmas! Christene was a great discovery! I loved this book!

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