Thursday, December 11, 2014

Home Before Dark - Christy Barritt

Nothing good ever happens after dark.

Those were the words country singer Daleigh McDermott’s father always repeated.

Now her father is dead, and Daleigh fears she’s returned home too late to make things right. As she’s about to flee back to Nashville, she finds a hidden journal belonging to her father. His words hint that his death was no accident.

Small town mechanic Ryan Shields is the only one who seems to believe that Daleigh may be on to something. Her father trusted the man, but Daleigh’s instant attraction to Ryan scares her. She knows her life and career, however dwindling it might be, are back in Nashville and that her time in the sleepy North Carolina town is only temporary.

As Daleigh and Ryan work to unravel the mystery, it becomes obvious that someone wants them dead. They must rely on each other—and on God—if they hope to make it home before the darkness swallows them whole.

Home Before Dark offers a blend of Nicholas Sparks meets Mary Higgins Clark, a mix of charming small town life in North Carolina tangled in a gripping suspense.

This is the first Christy Barritt book that I read and I was hooked after that! There is so much suspense in this book as Daleigh tries to discover what happened to her Father. No one believes her even though she is a famous country singer so when she is able to rely on Ryan they start to form a special friendship that she tries so hard to keep that way. I like how Christy pertrays her as a regular girl trying to solve her Dads murder instead of a famous person where things just fall into place because she has money.  The murderers are still willing to kill her so that the truth doesn’t come out. She end up constantly in danger and trust me you will not want to put this book down! It was a great read!

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