Friday, December 5, 2014

Loved this set!

Regally blonde- Jamie is a former Miss America. She has a great boyfriend and a life some girls dream of. Yet she's not really happy. When she starts teaching the 3 year olds at church one of them calls her Mommy. At first she brushes it off but then she starts to fall in love with this little girl and to top it of her good looking single father is pretty great too. She then begins to face some difficult decisions choosing between her current boyfriend and the beauty queen life or the new guy and his daughter. It is such a sweet story of romance and I really love the ending! It's a great read, totally worth it! 

My double life
I'm sure there are some people out there that would dream of being a celebrity or a rock star. I'm not one of them. When Alexia is approached about being a double for a famous rock star she can't believe it. In fact, she hangs up on them. When she fights with her Mother and decides to take the job it turns out to be more than she expected and she find out things about herself and her past. This book is all about self discovery and also about some of the things celebrities endure. Even though I would never want to do it, it was fun to read about! Great book!

Fair Catch- It's not everyday that you get to meet a star athlete let alone live next door to one. After a bad marriage men are the last thing on Ellie Garrett's mind but when she meets Nick, a former quarterback and her new neighbor, she can't help but swoon a little over him. They both learn that if they want a relationship then they will have to adjust a little to each other's lifestyle. The last few chapters if this book caught me off guard. I wasn't really expecting such a turn of events but I loved the twist and the ending! It was a great book I could put it down!

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