Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Curtain Call Caper (The Gabby St. Claire Diaries Book 1)

The Curtain Call Caper (The Gabby St. Claire Diaries Book 1)
Is a ghost haunting the Oceanside Middle School auditorium? What else could explain the disasters surrounding the school play—everything from missing scripts to a falling spotlight and damaged props?

All seventh grader Gabby St. Claire has dreamed about is being a part of her school’s musical. But a series of unfortunate events threatens to shut down the whole production. While trying to track down the culprit and save her fifteen minutes of fame, she also has to manage impossible teachers, cliques, her dysfunctional family, and a secret she can’t even tell her best friend.

Will Gabby figure out who or what is sabotaging the show . . . or will it be curtains for her and the rest of the cast?

Perfect reading for middle grade readers. Grade: 5th and up. Age: 10 and up.

The Gabby St. Claire Diaries follows the life of a young Gabby St. Claire, as featured in the Squeaky Clean Mystery series.

I Love Christy Barritt! This book was perfect for my 11 year old, whom doesn't like reading, and had to give a book report on a mystery book. It wasn't personally one of favorite Christy Barritt books but I tried to remember that it is geared towards kids and when I kept that in mind I loved it. My daughter thought it was a great book and didn't find it predicable. She read thru it easily and wrote a great book report in it. I think it is a great introduction to Gabby and it was fun to read about the her youner year that you read a bit about in the squeaky clean series. I definitely recommend all of those and hope my daughter will some day read them as well. All in all it was a great book for kids!

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